Project Development (Property Management)

I 've been involved with 3 projects, two in TN and one in PA. All instances, I've been entrusted with a bank account, as a second signer, making all the calls related to expenses. It started first with scouting out a property for this building project. Met with real estate agents, did analysis, researched what it would take to build in that said community, by talking with clerks/agents in these county offices.
Once land was purchased for this project, started with the building by hiring locals, buying and checking costs of building materials, paying the contractors at different times, based on when they reached a milestone in their project. At this point, I became a co-signer on a bank account I managed for the landowner. I was also on site during the building season for 2 years (1 year in a hotel while the main infrastructure was going up) until we got a full time caretaker to live onsite. I created a custom accounting package to track expenses for different projects (about 100 of them, sending off periodic reports to management.
Have set up and paid the revolving monthly/quarterly bills (electrical, property insurance), all online. I continue to support this project, remotely, at a monthly retainer cost, by continuing to pay bills, deal with any new projects where we have to hire a contractor, etc. I am co-signed on two accounts now, with two debit cards.

-Worked with government agencies, in the building process. In Middle Tennessee, that would be the Department of Water & Conservation, and the State, regarding proper electrical wiring.
References available upon request. Let me work with you on a similar projects. Top

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