1. Dictionary Hill from the west, 2. Top of Purple Monster, 3. Angel's Place/Heavenly Wy off of Grandview Ave, below Mt. Helix, but not by much. Wandering steep dead ends.

Palomar…South Grade
Palomar.. East Grade from Lake Henshaw
 (have not done them yet)
* Gilman Hot Springs out of Hemet. (Riverside)
   ~ Wider lane where it’s called “CA-79”.  Barren  Nice climb, BUT  Getting there, oh my, is not fun.   3 miles of no shoulder riding (State Street), north of Hemet, CA, with cars going by you at 50mph.    There are other options in that area, that I might try, or at least research, but I’ll settle for Moonlight Ridge (I took this one on my southbound trip), which is  further west, that most of the bike clubs utilize over this one, and I can see why.

* Grade to Perris Lake (Riverside) [Redlands Blvd]. 
~ Part of the road is rough, but part is not, south of 60.  Nice quiet climb up to the preserve.

* highway 36 to Angelus Oaks and Jenks Lake rd (2800 to 7100’)
  [eventually, it goes all the way to Big Bear Lake]

(San Bernardino)


Champagne Rd   
   – my least favorite.  Road hasn’t been maintained in, it seems 30 years.   At least the last time I descended it (Aug 2018), it had a strip down the middle which I rode on, because it was the smoothest part of the road)
* Melrose drive from Vista to Olivenhaven 
– about 6 or 7 climbs from Vista to RSF.  6 miles of up and downs.
* Torrey Pines
– a favorite of many.. .my go to to see that I’m still in good stead.
* Texas St
– short, but sweet.  Tear off the band-aid.   Take a right and wind yourself around to Adams, from Louisiana rd, instead of dealing with a somewhat narrow trek to Madison, which is the first light at the top of the hill
* Bachmann Pl
 ~ count by numbers  60-1  🙂   Keeps my mind off of other stuff.
* Presidio Dr
 – goes through the park.  couple of turns.  Left at Cosoy, continue the climb up.   Highest grade is about 11%, at the bottom.
* Juan St
– one straight shot with 2 steeper grades.  A left on Sunset, continues the climb for about another 2/5 of a mile.  Second pitch is shorter, and possibly a little steeper.
* 15 Bike path
– a nice alternative to Fairmount, and a lot less busy  
* Mission Gorge
~ smoother road  going into Mission Trails and into Santee.  Highly recommonded compared to the 52 path.   
* `52 “cycleway”
~ inundated with debris from CA-52. It runs alongside that highway, with just a concrete median.   Much stuff slips underneath, and motorists throw crap that ends up affecting our travels.  The garbage pile-up seems to be worse on the Santee side, towards Mast, but you seemingly have to play dodge ball with carp throughout the trip.  If you can find another way, even if your trip is extended, take it.    Avoid this, unless you want lots of flats…
* Fanita Dr
– much preferred over 52.   Goes from Santee to Grossmont College and the 125 bikeway.    Wide lanes and space, all the way up.
Swallow Dr
– a “hill” in Fletcher Hills.  You’re escaping from the flats of El Cajon, this and WV
Windmill View
– off of Weld Drive, near Fanita. You could just go up Fanita but why spoil the fun of this steepie.    You get a little longer of a workout, and two pitches, with most of it, 10%+
All 7 climbs up to Soledad
– Cordeno, Mt Soledad/Pacifica
– La Jolla Mesa/La Jolla Shores
  ~  LJM is the steeper part of this way up.   I think it also has the best view as you descend.   You get a nice view of the coastline.
– A combination of Candlelight, Rutgers, etc etc
– Country Club/Romero/Brodiaea / gates, Via Casa Alta.
  ~ I find this one to be the most difficult of the 7….. well, maybe.     Brodiaea is 14%+, gates to a private community slow you down, but you can pass through.
– Hillside, even the non-road parts
  ~ Narrow, residential road, which is a better alternative to Via Capri. Much less traffic.  You just have to deal with a portion where there’s a gate, some rough road, and a little more of it. It eventually meets up with Via Capri near the top.
– Nautilus to Via Valverde/Via Casa Alta
   ~VV is a nice 12% pitch….   VCA another 13%, but you get reprieves between them, for a spell.   But then, you could just stay on Nautilus and keep that average 7% for the duration. 
– Via Capri
    ~ most traveled on the north side.   Road is quite pitted, and adventurous to downhill.   I would not recommend it.   Steep parts are around 15%+  They don’t call that part “Torture Chamber” for nothing, ya know.

* Mt Helix
– 3 main ways… 
1. A short steepie that goes up Mt Helix dr, from Fuerte and Lemon..  All rights to get there.
 2. “The Hardest Way”  This one entails taking Marguerita to end, left on Fletcher, left on Carmichael, r- El Tejado, and a left on Beaumont, and a right on Taltec, putting you on Aldo further up, but getting through some 15% parts in order to get there.
3. The proper way, going up Lemon, and making a right on Aldo, climbing all the way to the Cross.  You just get that nice steepie on Aldo, that you’d get anyway, doing #2.
* Dictionary Hill- It’s short but sweet, with a bit of 30% in there for good measure… not very long, but that’s enough to make you cry uncle. Want additional torture, try Harness, coming up from Sweetwater, and when you crest Jamacha/Apple, make a left on Sangamon for some more fun.   I also hear that Grand is just Grand, lol.  I haven’t tried it yet.
* Helix dr, Grand dr, and some other fun in Spring Valley.  Who says inland is boring?
* highway 67
~ This one is not for the faint of heart.  IT’s a near freeway, with some wide space for a bike and some narrow parts. It’s a 6 mile sustained climb, with a little reprieve.  Motorists routinely go 70+ on that stretch.    I’ve heard my share of horns on this stretch of road.  I like it less as you get past Scripps-Poway Parkway (Purple Monster)
* Purple Monster (Scripps / Poway Parkway)
~ wide outside lane, on a near freeway.   It is smooth, and preferred over Poway rd.   Descending is fun on it too.  it’s a nice workout and popular with the cycling community here.    It really starts at Pomerado, one steep pitch, a reprieve, and then the second climb begins past where the industry ends…  
* 56 bikepath climb
* Montezuma /Fairmount
~ Busy highway, but the freeway interechange getting to it isn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  To circumvent some of the issues with those two streets merging, I take the right to Camino del Rio- S, twist around, and cross at the end.  I then only have to deal with cars in one spot, since 99.9% of the cars coming in from Fairmount, aren’t going to go back on there, if they’ve taken the Montezuma exit…. but you never know.  Watch the dashes and the solid lines for safety purposes.
* Montezuma grade out of Borrego Springs
~ did part of this for timing purposes.   About my turn back point, I nearly got squeezed by a RV pulling a long trailer, which really had no business going up that twisty grade.   For any future rides, I’d go up this and descend down Yaqui Pass, taking San Felipe from Ranchita.  About a 55 mile loop.
* Yaqui Pass-   Nicer climb out of Borrego Springs.  It’s good for an up and back, because if you follow through to Scissors Crossing, you’ll have to deal with descending Montezuma, something I don’t recommend.
* Hill St – Short but swee(a)t.  There are probably 10 climbs on streets to the north of this one.   Santa Barbara, etc etc etc.  All in Point Loma.
* Lucinda (Lucy The Terrible)
~ It’s like Texas.   with 20%+ for a good amount of it.   But, by the time you get up the two shorter pitches, you get a great view of San Diego Harbor. It’s in Point Loma, on the east side of it.  
* Tidepool Climb out of Cabrillo
~ you need a park pass to get down to the Tidepools.   Good thing is, being on a bike, is that a pass gets you and 4 of your friends in under the same pass.

I have done other climbs within California, including ….

Highway 36 from Yucaipa to past Angus Oaks on the way to Big Bear
* Glacier Point in Yosemite
*** Santa Monica Mountains (from the ocean side)****
   (before the Woolsey Fire burned it all up)
* Deer Creek Rd
* Mulholland Dr  (in parts)
* Decker Canyon
* Encinal Canyon
* Kanan Dune
* La Flores
* The Snake (part of Mulholland dr where the motorcycles go nuts… it’s 7% avg and has lots of turns.)
* Westlake Dr (26) from Westlake Village, passing Lake Elizabeth)
* Quadbuster (Just out of King City)
* “Evil Twins” (better known as CA-47 from outside of Paso to the coast)


The Island of Mau'i * HALEAKALA
Oah'u * Tantalus loop (Plenty of times)
* Little Grand Canyon (Waimea Canyon)