I am an urban gardener in SD, CA.   We grow most of our stuff in raised beds, on top of soil that could pose for rocks if you go down 5″.  We mix our “native clay soil” with earthworm casings, composting from everything from Home Depot brands (vigro, King), to local mixed compost from City Farmers, along with our own compost from the kitchen (vegetable kitchen scraps, coffee grounds… everything BUT meat), human hair, dust from your floor, “gray water” from your kitchen or laundry wash, cover crops like beans or clover,

I purchase seed from Erwhile, MyPatriotSupply, and scoop out seeds from favorites.   Right now, I’m doing the propagation (and have 4 of them) of a brand of tomato that was delicious, that I could only find at Souplantation (no longer in biz). 

I am planning to migrate over to a database.   This is just a sample of some vegetables I have tried in my garden.  I’ve got everything from Onions, to diakon, Thai Basil (bees love them), fruit trees, tomatoes, tomatillos, kohlrabi, chickory, etc etc. A Vegetarians Heaven

I’ll also make a db of my “nemesis bugs”, like Hornworms (late summer/early fall), cabbage loopers (from the white moth with 1 brown spot), grubs, aphids (of varying types), mice/rats/squirrels, and the helpful insects I have seen in our garden, lady beetles, lacewings, birds.

(appx hrs)
“Purple Vienna”
Leaves / Root~603-112″ in diameter. Pests: aphids, cutworms (minimal)
Leaves~603-112″ in diameter. Pests: aphids, cutworms (min)
“Green Flesh”
4-11H: 12-18″ w: 36-50″ Long growing season, soild below 50deg, slows growth As melons ripen, get them off the ground. Once fruit size of tennis ball, gap watering (dry leaves show signs of wilting.
These died off soon after I planted. Tried in full sun